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The HackensackUMC EMS Department received two paramedic vehicles to support advanced life support services provided to the community.

HackensackUMC believes that great pre-hospital critical care for our communities begins with high quality education. To provide the highest quality of care to our patients we ensure that every Mobile ICU Paramedic receives rigorous and ongoing classroom and clinical education. In addition, each member of our Mobile ICU Paramedic team is certified by the New State Department of Health and Senior Services’ Office of Emergency Medical Services to meet these exacting standards. We believe our commitment to education is reflected in the professional and compassionate care our team provides.

HackensackUMC started the first Paramedic Program in the Bergen County area nearly 40 years ago. The program was initially called the "Heart Rescue Team" and was a joint effort with the City of Hackensack and its Fire Department as well as its Volunteer Ambulance Corps.

At that time, a physician and nurse from the Emergency Room responded to cardiac emergencies in the City of Hackensack. In the late 1970's, the medical center trained the first paramedics in the area.  One of the first groups to receive this training were the firefighters from Hackensack, who provided around the clock Advanced Life Support (ALS) coverage for the city.  In 1981, HackensackUMC took full control of the paramedic service so that this valuable program could then be expanded to the surrounding communities.

Our Services

HackensackUMC’s Mobile ICU operates five ALS units and one hybrid Specialty Care Transport Unit (SCTU), for a total of six units that provide primary coverage to 35 of the 70 communities in Bergen County. The units are strategically stationed for optimal response time within our primary coverage area.

Paramedic communications are handled by MICCOMwhich is located in Hackensack, NJ. All requests for ALS services are directed to MICCOM, which then dispatches the closest unit based on current Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) technology.


Coverage Area

Below is a coverage map of the towns in which we provide primary paramedic service:


Hackensack University Medical Center's MICU Paramedics, Critical Care Nurses and EMTs responded to 36,563 requests for service in 2015.


Special Programs

In addition to providing ALS services, the Mobile ICU also has specialty teams such as the HackensackUMC’s Emergency Trauma Response Team (ETRT) which is staffed with highly trained paramedics who work side-by-side with the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office to provide front-line medical care during high-risk operations.

Our Bike Team provides ALS coverage for events which have a large number of people in a designated space. By placing paramedics on bicycles, we are able to deliver ALS care to a patient within a crowed area or in areas which are not easily assessable with a motor vehicle.

HackensackUMC Mobile ICU operates the Bergen County Mass Causality Unit (MCI) (161) which is a joint program between Bergen County, the Bergen County 200 Club and HUMC. This truck was designed to support the EMS agencies in Bergen County during an MCI by providing additional supplies and equipment to manage up to 200 critically injured patients.




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